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May 8, 2013

To Pre-Welded Axle Purchaser:

Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co. Inc. was advised of a pre-welded axle failure on April 26, 2013. The axle failed in the welded joint to the axle plate. The axle did not come out of the plate. The weld fractured around the axles radius. It appears that too much of the weld was cleaned up in the lathe after welding.

There are 25 sets of axles that were manufactured in this batch. We are voluntarily recalling the other 24 sets as a precaution.

The axles can be identified by logging into our web site: and clicking "Axle Recall" on the left side of our home page. Axles purchased prior to August 1, 2009 are not affected. All of the recalled axles are 6.500 inch long measured from the inside of the axle plate to the end of the axle.

In order to facilitate builders that are currently flying aircraft with these axles, we will ship out at no cost a new pair of axles in the month of May 2013. Builders that are still building their aircraft will be sent out new axles in the months of June - August 2013.

If you have sold your aircraft or kit please do your best to advise the new owner of the axle recall so we can provide them a new pair of axles.

Please dispose of the axles in one of three ways.

1. Email a photo of the axles sawed in half.

2. Email a photo of the threads smashed/crushed with hammer blows.

3. Return to us by Parcel Post your old axle set to our address shown above. If you are not sure if you have the recalled axles, please send a picture of your axles to

Welded axles have been used on the Sonerai style landing gear since 1970. Great Plains Aircraft has been selling a pre-welded axle kit since 1988. To our knowledge this is the only reported failure we are aware of in our companies 25 years of supplying pre-welded axles.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Steve Bennett President

The axle above is the recalled axle. It measures 6.5 inches long from the inside of the axle plate to the end of the axle. It is not plated. It will appear shiny or light grey in color.

The axle above is not in recall. It measures 6.5 inches long from the inside of the axle plate to the end of the axle. The axle has a yellow plating or a galvanized silver plating.

If you have any questions or concerns.... please give us a call at 402 493 6507 or by email to

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