Lots of Stuff! Steve and Linda traveled from Omaha, Nebraska on December 24, 1999 to St. Louis, Missouri. It was 11 degrees in Omaha when we left! We arrived in St. Louis and invaded Jim & Deb. Here is our stuff for the trip!

But don't feel like we brought alot of stuff, so did they! Lots of Stuff!

We left St. Louis on Christmas morning and drove, and drove, and drove.
We ate lunch at an Mediterrian Drive-In in Birmingham, Alabama.
Wine and shrimp, how can you loose?
Drove to Tallahassee, Florida for the evening.
We finally found water and crossed the St. Petersburg bridge on December 26!
What a view!
St Pete

Ed & Cassie We met friends at the Crab Trap for lunch - "Ed & Cassie".
They are FL natives!
(Well not quite natives, transplants from WI!)

After lots of chocolate and ice cream with Ed & Cassie, we headed for Cape Coral.
Here we met Jerry & Carol at their home. Here Deb, Jerry, Jim and Steve are deep in a conversation. (Carol and Linda are touring the yard - complete with grapefruit, orange and lemon trees!) Jerry and Carol are transplants from Cleveland, and Chicago!

hot tub! After a few toasts, these two babes are really in hot water! Carol and Deb are enjoying the bubbly!

Jerry and Carol joined Linda aboard the Poco Loco - Seawind 1000! What a sailing vessel! We boarded in Gulf Harbor in Ft. Myers. friends

captain Meet Captain Jim!
Meet the First Mate! matey

deb This is the Galley Slave!
She makes some mean scrambled eggs!
Jim is so happy to be checking out
one of three GPS Systems!

Can you believe that this was our first sunset aboard the catamarran? What a view! I caught this view and then headed for my bed - no pictures of me at this point -
Seas got to be 5 - 6 feet high!
Winds at 20-30 knots!

This way! Just to be sure the GPS System is working right - MR. Right Direction shows us the way!

In Key West on Tuesday, December 28 and finally I can see the horizon and not turn green.
Here Deb and Linda sit out front. We must be discussing world politics or whether we should get out of these clothes and put bathing suits on!

Linda & Deb

Do you know you aren't suppose to feed the birds?
Here Deb feeds the birds.
Our friend Paul says, "Don't Feed the Birds! They will leave you presents on your boat!"
Well, guess what? The birds left Deb presents on the dinghy!

Deb & the birds

Poco Loco This is Poco Loco in the North 40 Harbor in Key West.
More of Poco Loco in Key West! Poco Loco

Dinghy Have you heard of the
Dixie Chicks?
These are the Dinghy Chicks!
We are heading in for a great day of shopping in Key West. This was complete with a "Cheese Burger in Paradise" and haggling with the shop owners!

Here is the "Dinghy Dock"
in the Key West Harbor!
Find a spot and push the other "dinghies"
over so you can get through.
We gals made it all the way in!
You've heard of a bird in the hand?
How about a bird on the head?
This bird took Deb's visor off
and thought he could catch a nap on her head!
Bird N Deb
NOTE: This is on Sunset Harbor at 2 in the afternoon!
Deb and Linda take advantage of the photo op!
Note: New Years Eve there wasn't this much room!
Sunset Pier
Deb and friend Pat are shopping Key West.
Pat (as in Pat & Paul) live on a Gemini 105 Catamarran
in Key West (home is in Missouri).

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