Poco Loco
This is our (rented) catamarran!
While the girls shop, the guys go fishing!
Before they head out -
here they are motoring into the harbor
for more fuel and water!
Dinner with Pat & Paul!
Our Harbor Hosts brought us "FRESH SHRIMP"!
Cleaned and grilled by Paul.
This picture is aboard Poco Loco
moored in the North 40 at Key West Harbor.

SB Steve
the shrimp!
Pat shows us how to eat shrimp, while Jim and Paul look on! Pat

This is Pat & Paul's Gemini. They get ready to come for a visit!


Going into the beautiful
Let's get adjusted!
Our two scuba guys!
They checked out the
reef at Sand Key.
This was the site
from the back of our boat!
All you need is a little can of string cheese!

Jim contemplates the return crossing.
Can you hear him singing?
"I don't care anymore!"
Here below, Jim is at the dinghy dock
for the New Years Eve 1999 celebration!

Sloppy Joes was the place
to be on New Years Eve!
Couldn't even find a place to stand inside!
The CONCH raised at midnight!
Sloppy Joes Here is another picture
of the street in front of Sloppy Joes!
They were about ready to close the streets to car traffic.
Jim is checking out another animal!
What is it with these people?

The LAST SUNSET of 1999 at Sunset Pier!
What a beautiful sunset!
Sunset too!

We viewed the last sunset with a "few" of our closest friends!
Sunset Pier

Kites Flying
This is true enjoyment!
Flying two kites from Poco Loco!

This was the view from Poco Loco into Key West.
Can life be any better?

Harbor sights


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