THE Return Crossing!

Can you believe this?
Steve NEVER catches fish!
But unbelievably so, here he caught one trolling home!
Catching Jim shoot a picture to remember the return crossing!
Such a beautiful sunset!
This is the first sunrise I have seen in many years!
This is the beautiful seascape of Naples.
Steve (above) contemplates Ft. Myers which is just ahead.
I think he is looking for the bridge.
Do you think he forgot we had 3 GPS's aboard?
We made IT!
Captain Jim did a wonderful job!
We all made it on the return crossing WITHUT TURNING GREEN!
Jimmy Buffett!
Back home in St. Louis and even the bird has to add his 2 cents!
Here he gives Mom her "Things to do" List!

Crossings with friends! What a wonderful "00" experience!

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