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009 Distributor
12 Volt Coil

Alternator - 20 Amp

Bushings - Lycoming 71032
Bleeding your Brakes

Cam Plug
Carb - Zenith
Carb - Posa Type
CC Kit
Cool Tins - Super
Compression Ratio Formula
Crankshaft Gear Kit
Cylinder Heads - Dual Port

End Play Shims
Engine Case - Super
Exhaust Systems - 4 to 1 & 2 to 1
Gland Nut & Washer

Intake Manifold - Dual Port


Mag Housing
Magneto Switch
Magneto Timing
Maintenance Schedule

Oil Pump
Oil Cooler - Top Mount
Oil Pressure Relief - Single & Double
Operation Limitations

Pinion Gear (Distributor)
Piston and Cylinders
Prop Hub - Force One Bearing
Prop Hub - Force One Hub
Prop Hub - Seal
Prop Hub - Shrink Fit
Push Rod Tubes U-Build

Rods - Stock

Shims - End Play
Secondary Ignition System
Slick Magneto Timing
Spark Plugs - Shield Spark Plug Adapters

Tiny Tach
Timing Disc
Torque Values

Valve Adjustment Procedures

Weights of Accessories
Exhaust, Intake, engine mounts,
spinners, wheels, etc.
Weights of Long Block Items
And Accessory Package Parts

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