Engine For Sale!
2180cc VW - Direct Drive
Total Time: 49 hours

for sale for sale
For Sale
for sale for sale
for sale

This used GPAS VW engine was installed in a Little Wing Auto Gyro, but can be installed in any Experimental Aircraft that requires a 2180cc VW.

Great for a KR, Sonerai, Preceptor, Volksplane, etc.
Minor work to the intake and a change of engine mount would be required for this changeover.

This assembled engine is fitted with single ignition thru the Bosch Distributor,
starter, alternator,
Zenith 1821 carb,
intake, exhaust,
Force One Prop Hub and Bearing,
remote oil cooler,
and 6 o'clock Diehl Accessory Case.
Includes the Sterba (62 X 28) Prop and engine mount.
Total time on engine is 49 hours.

The engine is being changed out for an engine with a reduction drive.
The gyro needs more thrust than the direct drive can produce.

Asking price is $3950.00.

For additional information contact Mike Howard at 402 991 0402 or by email at: acepilot59@cox.net

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