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1. Verify parts. 009 - cap - rotor - point set - condenser

2. The end play of the 009 must be set before installation. To do this, put pinion gear with 2 washers under it in the distributor drive hole. Slip the distributor hold down clamp in place over the shaft of the distributor and put the distributor down the shaft. Lock the distributor in place. Now measure the end play at the bottom of the pinion gear. Desired end play is .016" to .020. Add or subtract shims as necessary.

3. Remove distributor and pinion gear. Thoroughly lubricate the pinion gear, washers and 009 and reinstall. Remember that slot in the pinion gear should be 90° degrees to the case split line and the offset should be toward the back of the engine. (The slot in the pinion gear is offset and the offset should be towards the back - flywheel end of the engine.) Also make sure that the engine has the number one cylinder at TDC when installing the distributor.

4. Check the condenser and point wires to make sure that they are secured. Check point setting for proper gap. (.019")

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