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The Slick 4316 Magneto is very easy to time. Remove the three screws that hold on the spark plug wire housing block. On the magneto housing block you will notice two raised letters, L for left and R for right. Using your magneto timing pin or a 3/32" pop rivet, inset it into the hole marked "R". Rotate the mag drive coupling on the front of the mag in a CCW (counterclockwise) rotation until the pin drops in the mag timing hole. When complete, the magneto is somewhat timed.

With the right front cylinder at 28° degrees (2180cc) BTDC (before top dead center), mate the mag to the engine. Take your mag timing device and hook up to the P lead on the magneto. Rotate mag until your timing device gives you a "Timed" indication.

Remember to remove the timing pin. Rotate the engine through now for a final check. You should hear a snap close to TDC. The magneto will fire between 3° degrees BTDC and 0° degrees depending upon where the engine was initially timed at (28° or 25° degrees BTDC).

Note: A standard battery ignition switch will not work with a magneto. A magneto runs when the circuit is open. It turns off when the circuit is closed.

Note: The use of a magneto gasket between the mag and the accessory case is recommended to prevent direct heat transfer between the engine and the mag.

Note: Always use one or more cold air blast tubes to the magneto. It has a maximum operating temperature of about 190° F.

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