September 19 - 22, 2002
Red Oak, Iowa

Mike Howard, our Judge!

Mark Langford - Composite Forum

Steve Bennett - Engine Forum

Jim Faughn's KR2 shown here
Jim held a Weight and Balance Program, and a Pilot's Forum

Banquet on Saturday.

Jim Faughn and Larry Flesner
With the New KR Song.

Mrs Rand at the KR Banquet

The "Women of the KR" award Martin D Roberts the Triple Crown.
Marti is the only KR Pilot who flew into Sun & Fun,
Oshkosh, and the KR Gathering!

Jim Faughn leads the KR Pilots in the "Sanding" song!

John sings as Dan and Alicia dance.

Steve sings a tune too.

Jim and Deb dance.

John and Larry sing a great duet!

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