Our new Nikasil treated aluminum cylinders and forged pistons offer the best "weight savings for the buck" that you can install on your VW powered homebuilt aircraft. The installation on any VW powered aircraft that uses 92mm or 94mm cylinders will immediately shave 10.2 lbs. off the installed engines weight. Additionally they will cool 2 to 3 times better than cast steel cylinders.

Weight Savings
Steel Cylinders Aluminum Nikasil Cylinders
2180 direct drive engine
with accessory package 1 and 6
164.5 154.3
1915 direct drive engine
with accessory package 1 and 6
163.2 153.0

The 2180cc re-drive engine complete less carb an intake now weighs only 161.5 lbs. with the aluminum Nikasil cylinders.

The new VW Flywheel Drive engine kit is the lightest engine in the industry coming in at only 149.5 lbs. when using the new aluminum Nikasil cyliinders.

Each cylinder kit comes complete with forged - graphite coated pistons, rings and keepers. The compete set currently available in 92mm and 94mm stroker sets are $850.00 for a complete set of cylinders, forged pistons, rings and keepers. This is $1300 dollars less for comparable VW Nikasil cylinders offered in the VW market place today.

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