VW Airboat!

VW Engine

This VW Airboat is for boat builders looking to build their own economical airboat!

Using Glen-L plans, along with our Rear Drive System,
will provide you with one of the least expensive airboats to
build, operate (fuel consumption) and maintain.

With the Rear Drive System, you can use either wood or composite props.

The Rear Drive utilizes the entire Stock VW cooling -
blower, alternator and shrouds.
You'll never have to woryy about a HOT engine.

Plans will need slight motor mount modification to fit Rear Drive System.

Engines from 1600cc to 2600cc.
Our 2074cc engine will do 33 mph with 2 passengers.

Rear Drive System
Airboat Kit includes Rear Drive System Housing, support bracket, bearing, bearing retainer, driveshaft, prop hub, nut, cotter pin, dampener, drive studs, flywheel, starter, rear mount bracket and hardware.
Type 1 VW $1598.60

Deluxe Airboat Kit
This Kit includes the items listed above and these additonal items -
Alternator, Breather, Pulley, Belt, Cooling Shrouds, Cool Tin, Dual Carb's with Linkage, Oil Cooler, Twin Outlet, Coil, Wires, Plugs, Distributor, Clamp and Pinion.
For Type 1 VW $2395.31

VW Engine Airboat

VW Powered two to three place airboat plans available from:

Glen-L Marine Design
9152 Rose Cvans
Bell Flower, CA 90706
Plan #400
Tel: 310-630-6258

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