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This is the place to remember the fun with family and friends.
Plus to catch up on all of the happenings in life!
Updated 1/09/2012

Home, Family, Friends, Holidays, and Other Fun!
You never know what might be here ... with some of our friends!

We enjoy airboating with our friends on the Platte River in Nebraska. See pictures of our airboat adventures as well as the wild life found on the river!

At the age of 10 Steve received his first airplane ride by the Flying Farmers. Only a penny a pound! He was bitten by the flying bug then and hasn't lost the itch! Check out the flying fun here!

In 2003 we purchased a condo. We have enjoyed our many visits with friends at the Lake and had to buy our own! Check out the condo changes and the many visits to the Lake with friends.

Rowdy & Riley!
Enjoy pictures of our dogs. Rowdy was the best dog ever! Remember him here.
Plus, enjoy watching Riley grow!

Trips, Cruises and Vacations!
Steve & Linda's Adventures, vacations, and all that travel kind of stuff!