Welcome to Steve and Linda's Adventures!

Airplanes and Airplane Fun!

Steve purchased this KR2 from Jim Faughn in 2006 for 1 BUCK!

Jim and his lovely wife Deb both retired from their jobs, sold their home and are sailing aboard their Gemini 105M Catamaran!

They recently (2011) purchased a fixer upper in FL! They split their time on the Gemini and at their new home!

Steve purchased this KR1.5 from Ken Cottle in 1996. Steve has flown 100's of hours in this aircraft. Including multiple trips to visit his parents in Savanna, KR Gatherings and all around the skies around Omaha.

In August, 2006 this beautiful KR1.5 was sold to Mike in California. He flew it back to CA in just a few short days.

At the KR Gathering in Red Oak.

Martin's KR at the Gathering!

Watching the fly-bys at KR Gathering in Red Oak.

The Annual Meeting of the Ladies of the KR!

Jim's KR at the KR Gathering in Red Oak.

Mike's KR at the KR Gathering in Red Oak.

The Pilots singing "I Hate Sanding!"

Jim leads the Pilots!

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