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We weren't looking to move!
But when we were looking at the Hearthstone Homes that my Niece and her soon to be husband were building, we found a house that we just loved.

Steve did some calculations and decided that it would be a great idea to move. So we informed our neighbors - Tony & Lisa of our decision. They listened to our ramblings and the ideas grabbed them too. So we started looking for areas and houses. We both went with the same builder and area.

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Aerial view of our OLD subdivision!
We sold the house in Hillsborough on February 23, 2007! Congrats to the new owner. We enjoyed living in this home for 13 years. We saw Scott grow into a man, openned the print shop, sold the print shop and many other life changes in that time.

Check out Christmas 2004 here!

Snow in 2004!

And then here is the guys playing pool at Jack's - Dave, Steve, Keith (from Canada, eh) and George
Steve bought a new truck in 2003,
No, you heard me!
Steve bought a new truck!
And he ordered a new F-350 Diesel in December, 2004!

Vanessa, George, Jackie, and Mackenzie visit us.

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