Welcome to Steve and Linda's Adventures!

Memorial Cruise 2004!

We left Omaha and headed to "Freedom"
which is kept at Turtle Bay on Kentucky Lake.
We went through St. Louis during a nasty storm!

We launced our fishing boat and saw the great view at Turtle Bay Marina.

Steve in our fishing boat in Turtle Bay.

This crew was enroute from FL to MN!

Ahoy Captain Jim,
May we come aboard?

Deb is ready to get this show on the road!

Checking out Kentucky Lake

What is Steve doing?
We are trying to anchor the boat!

Whoops! Jim lost the end of the rope.
and YES
Steve had already thrown in the anchor!
Steve's new knick name - 'Dan Forth'!

Jugs in the water - but not much action this year!

Fish - fishing - fun!

A Captain and his First Mate
their work is never done!

Resting & ----------------- Working!

Captain Deb did a great job of piloting the boat!
The "Boys" headed to the Turtle Bay Marina to pick up ice!

Suppose this is why they call it "Turtle Bay"?

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