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Type 1 Assembly Manual
Revised May, 2012
Assembly Manual This is the most comprehensive assembly manual available for VW aero engine assembly. Written by Steve Bennett of Great Plains Aircraft. This manual is complete with detailed photos of each step, with text to instruct you on the proper way to assemble a VW engine for aircraft use. Includes maintenance requirements, torque values, timing instructions.
Type 1 Assembly Manual . . . $14.95
Type 1 Assembly
2 DVD Set
Assembly dvds This NEW 2 DVD Set. These DVDs corresponds with the steps found in the Assembly Manual to instruct you on the proper way to assemble a VW engine for aircraft use. Includes maintenance requirements, torque values, timing instructions.
Type 1 Assembly DVD Set . . . $29.95
Type 1 Assembly Manual
2 DVD Set
Assembly Manual
Includes Assembly Manual and the 2 DVD Set. The Assembly Manual and DVD set corresponds with the steps to instruct you on the proper way to assemble a VW engine for aircraft use. Includes maintenance requirements, torque values, timing instructions.
Type 1 Assembly Manual
and DVD Set . . . $39.95

How To Rebuild Your
VW Air-Cooled Engine
Rebuild This book is the bible for tearing down and inspecting a VW engine. It is great for parts reference and parts interchange also. Covers both Type 1 and Type 4 engines.
How To Rebuild . . . $11.95

How To Hot Rod
VW Engines
Hot Rod Contains performance tuning tips with chapters on carburetion, intake and exhaust valves, intake design, ignition and exhaust systems. An excellent reference for what works and what doesn't.
How To Hot Rod . . . $11.95

VW Aircraft Baffling Manual & Template
Baffle This manual & templates give you a step by step procedure to build a successful pressure cowl baffling system. Specifically designed for the KR but will easily adapt to other VW powered homebuilts using a pressure cowling.
VW Baffling Instructions . . . $8.00

Turbo How to select and install the correct turbo for big or small HP gains. Turbo design, sizing and matching. Controls, carburetion, exhaust, ignition, intercooling, marine and high-altitude applications.
Turbo-Charging . . . $11.95

Welder's Handbook
Welding This informative book guides you through all the various welding applications, welding tools and welding apparatus for mig, tig, arc and gas welding. A must reading for beginners and an excellent reference for the experienced welder.
Welder's Handbook . . . $11.95

Metal Fabricator Handbook
Metal Fabricator Master metal craftsman Ron Fournier shares the tips, techniques and secrets necessary for fabricating metal components.
Metal Fabricator Handbook . . . $11.95

Auto Math
Auto Math Illustrates the many mathematical calculations used for automotive applications. Sections include explanation, application, calculations and examples in areas including combustion, displacement, horsepower, torque, compression ratios and many more.
Auto Math . . . $11.95

Engine Airflow
Engine Airflow This informative guide to the science of engine airflow includes a basic discussion on the chemistry of air and fuel, testing individual components such as cylinder heads, carbs, and throttle bodies, how to test an engine on a flow bench, how to analyze the numbers, and how to apply to performance modifications.
Engine Airflow . . . $11.95

Wiring and Electrical
Wiring and Electrical A hands-on guide to high performance and OEM automotive electrical systems. Covers electrical theory, wiring techniques and equipment, custom wiring harnesses for many installations. Also, troubleshooting common electrical problems.
Wiring and Electrical . . . $11.95

Fasteners and Plumbing
Fasteners and plumbing The essential reference guide for understanding and selecting the right fastener and plumbing hardware for any high performance or custom application. Includes sections on threaded fasteners, torque procedures, thread repair, AN hose assemblies and clamps.
Fasteners and Plumbing . . . $11.95

Super Beetle Handbook
Super Beetle Handbook Covering all Super Beetle models manufactured in Volkswagen's glory years of 1971-1974, this indispensable resource for Beetle enthusiasts details the ground-up restoration -- from chassis and engine to the drivetrain and interior.
Super Beetle Handbook . . . $11.95

Baja Bugs and Buggies
Baja Everything VW racing and off-road enthusiasts need to know. Includes tested methods for improving off-road engine durability and performance.
Baja Bugs and Buggies . . . $11.95

Auto Upholstery and Interiors
Upholstery A comprehensive guide to performing basic upholstery repairs, replacement kits or custom interiors.
Auto Upholstery
and Interiors . . . $11.95

Paint and Body Handbook
Paint and Body Handbook A best selling classic guide for DIY paint and body techniques. Includes detailed sections on bodywork basics, repairing dents and chips. Professional surface prep, spray techniques and top coat application.
Paint and Body Handbook . . . $11.95

The Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook
A great book to assist with your Electric Aircraft too!
Electric Vehcicle Conversion This informative guide details how to convert gas or diesel powered vehicles (aircraft) to electric power. It includes a bacground, history of electric vehicles, and pros and cons of owning electric vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, light trucks, car, race car and boats.
Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook
. . . $9.95

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