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The Great Plains Aircraft Flywheel Drive Packages use the same high quality components offered in our front drive and reduction drive engine kits. The crankshaft is forged, balanced, nitrided, shot peened, precision ground and micro polished from a virgin blank of E4340 steel (in the 2180cc and 2276cc kits). In the 1835cc and 1915cc, we use a NEW stock 69mm CW crankshaft made from 4140.

The engine case is a new dual by-pass case with all required machine work completed. The case is opened for 92 or 94mm cylinders, clearanced for 82 or 84mm stroke (for stroker engines), drilled and tapped for #4 oil feed and has the reinforcement plate welded to the right of the rear main.

The connecting rods are balanced, bushed, sized center to center for length and cleared for stroker cranks, if needed. The camshaft has been selected to provide the maximum torque at the rpm we use the engine at in aircraft. The pistons are forged, balanced and graphite coated, new heads, valves, etc., and you're almost ready to go!

We now offer a complete firewall forward package for the Flywheel Drive Kit! The engine mount, exhaust and intake are designed to fit Bruce King's new "BK1.3" - an all aluminum single seat aircraft. The firewall forward package will fit many other homebuilts that have a similiar firewall dimension of the BK1.3.

The Type 1 Flywheel Drive Engine Packages include a Long Block Kit. This kit contains the parts required to assemble a Flywheel Drive Engine. All the machine work has been completed. Also included is the Flywheel Drive Package which includes the Starter Package, Alternator Package and Running Kit PLUS Float Bowl Carb.
1835cc Flywheel Drive Engine Package $5595.00
1915cc Flywheel Drive Engine Package $5595.00
2180cc Flywheel Drive Engine Package $5795.05
2276cc Flywheel Drive Engine Package $5795.05

The following packages are included in the above Kit price.

The Complete Flywheel Drive Long Block Kit contains the parts required to assemble a Flywheel Drive Engine. All the machine work has been completed.

The Flywheel Drive Alternator Package provides the alternator and bracket for your installation.

Alternator Package includes:
35 Amp Alternator Pulley Bolt & Washer
Stator Mounting Bracket Seal
Stator Spacer
Magnet Ring Drive Hub

The Flywheel Drive/Starter Package provides the parts necessary to start the engine and drive the prop.
The flywheel is cadmium plated and machined to accept the blue anodized 4" extended prop hub.
The hub attaches with 6 each, 5/16" (AN5) bolts.
The starter mounts on top of the engine with the bracket provided.

Flywheel Drive Starter Package includes:
Anodized Flywheel Prop Hub
Plated Flywheel

Running Kit includes:
009 Distributor Pinion Gear Distributor Clamp
Coil Spark Plug Wires Spark Plugs
Sta Dri Breather Kit 90 Distributor Cap

The following items are Optional.

Secondary Ignition can be added with our exclusive oil pump driven electronic ignition system.
This ignition fits in place of the stock oil pump cover plate and
is driven by the lower gear on the oil pump at half speed to the crankshaft.
Twin coils are mounted on the firewall
and fire on the power stroke of one cylinder
and the exhaust stroke of the opposing cylinder.
Current draw is 4 to 5 amps.
An additional set of spark plug holes are machined on the bottom side of the cylinder heads between the pushrod tubes.

Optional Oil Pump Secondary Ignition Kit:
Secondary Oil Pump Secondary includes:
Oil Pump Secondary Secondary Plugs and Wires
Oil Pump Secondary Ignition Kit and Machine Work to Your Heads $799.95

Pre-Welded Flywheel Drive Exhaust Kit
The Pre-Welded Exhaust Kit consists of front and back pipes. Front pipes have heat muffs and outlets welded in place for both carb heat and cabin heat.
Pre- Welded Exhaust Kit is $295.00

Flywheel Drive Engine Mount Package
The The Flywheel Engine Mount Package consists of the engine mount, rubber bushings and a laswer cut flywheel bracket.
Engine Mount Package is $312.00

Why Flywheel Drive?

The flywheel drive drives the prop off the #1 main bearing. Many builders consider this the correct way to drive the prop on a VW (it's only one of three ways and we can't say one is better than another). It offers a lighter engine at 158 lbs., and the least expensive way to drive the prop on a VW engine. Even with the oil pump secondary ignition (which adds $799.95 to the price), it is the Lightest and Least Expensive 76 HP VW conversion offered in the market today!

(Note: when set up for a pusher - the flywheel shims remain between the flywheel and the #1 main bearing. When used as a tractor the end play shims are moved between the crankshaft and the #1 main bearing.

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