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Fuel System Components!

Facet Electrical 12 Volt Fuel Pump.
Measures 3" x 1.8" and weighs 18 ounces. Has a built in pressure relief valve and draws about 1 amp. Can be used with avgas or car gas. Preset to 4 PSI.
Facet 12 Volt Fuel Pump (Electric) . . . $52.95

Main Fuel Valve Main Fuel Valve This Main Fuel Valve is made from brass and has a 1/4" pipe thread on one end and a barbed fitting on the other for 1/4" I.D. fuel line.
Main Fuel Valve . . . $8.25

Transfer Fuel Valve Transfer Fuel Valve This Transfer Fuel Valve is made from light weight fuel proof plastic and weighs approximately 1 ounce. Primary use is auxiliary fuel tank on/off selector switch.
Transfer Fuel Valve . . . $5.95

Primer Primer Our Primer is for use on all carburetors.
Primer . . . $12.95

Primer and Installation Kit
Primer Includes primer, fittings and 6 foot of Tygon tubing.
Primer & Installation Kit . . . $28.95

Great Plains Gascolator
Gascolator is a high quality, low cost fuel filter and water strainer. It should be installed at a low point in the fuel system, below the fuel tank to trap any water that may accumulate so it can be drained. The gascolator has a 10 micron fuel filter and an 1/8" pipe thread outlet for a quick fuel drain valve (Curtis Drain Valve not included - info below!). If you are using a fuel pump, the pump should be installed between the carb and the gascolator. Has 1/4" pipe thread for fuel in and out. Replacement parts available. Gascolator
Gascolator . . . $44.95
Installation Instructions
Gascolator Replacement Paper Filter . . . $5.45

Curtis Quick Drain Valve
for use on Gascolator.
curtis drain
Curtis Drain Valve . . . $12.75

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Fuel Cap and Neck Fuel Cap
These fuel caps are an excellent choice for those making a fiberglass fuel tank. This high quality unit is flush mounted with a screw in cap with a buna-rubber seal ring. It has a 1.5" I.D. fuel inlet. The neck can be cut off to desired length. Held in place with epoxy and flox or sealing screws. Used on many homebuilts: KR's, EZ's, etc.
Fiberglass Plastic Fuel Cap and Neck . . . $18.95

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