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Cylinder Shims Cylinder Shims are a must for most VW aero conversions. You need to run the correct compression ratio for the octane of fuel you plan to use.

Stock shims are available for all 90.5mm, 92mm and 94mm cylinders.

If you are going to use automotive fuel with our carburetor or an Ellison we strongly suggest the use of a fuel pump, electrical, mechanical or both. Please Specify which set in check out comments
92 X .020 - 92 X .030 - 92 X .040 - 92 X .060 - 92 X .090 Shims #0147. . . $9.90 per set
92 X .098 -92 X .177 - 92 X .256 - Shims #0148 . . . $26.95 per set
94 X .030 -94 X .040 -94 X .060 Shims #0149. . . $9.90 per set
94 X .098 -94 X .177 -94 X .216 - 94 X .256 Shims #0150 . . . $26.95 per set

Copper Gaskets Copper cylinder heads gaskets can replace the cylinder shim or a thickness of a shims to reduce your compression ratio. These shims are .040" or .060" thick and are for use with 92mm or 94mm cylinders. The shims install between the top of the cylinder and the cylinder head. Please Specify which set in check out comments

Example: If you require a total of .217" of cylinder shims for a 2180cc or 2276cc engine, you can use a .177" base shim and a .040" copper cylinder head gasket shim.
(Set of 4) .040" 92mm #0151
(Set of 4) .040" 94mm #0151A
(Set of 4) .060" 92mm #0152
(Set of 4) .060" 94mm #0152A

Teflon Wrist Pin Buttons Teflon Wrist Pin Buttons are for use, in our opinion, only with custom pistons that do not have keeper grooves machined into the piston. Our experience has shown that without the use of an oil filter, the teflon wrist pins can do more damage to the cylinder wall by grinding contaminates into it than the likely hood of ever have a stock circlip coming out and having the wrist pin damage the cylinder wall. In our 23+ years of flying VWs we have yet to see a missing circlip on tear down. If you must have them however, we have them. Available of 92mm pistons only.
92mm Teflon Wrist Pin Buttons #0153
$19.90 (Set of 8)

Replacement Rings
For 92 and 94mm Pistons.
Specify 1.5 or 2.0mm thickness of top and second ring.Please specify in checkout comments 92mm, 94mm, 1.5 mm or 2.0mm.
Click here for Installation Instructions
Replacement Rings 92mm - 94mm -1.5mm -2.0mm #0145 . . . $39.95

Ring Compressor Ring Compressor.
Use this ring compressor for an easy installation of the piston rings. For 92-94mm pistons.
Ring Compressor #0146. . . $5.90

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