Reduction Drive System for the Type 1 VW!

The NEW Series 3 Reduction Drive is available in drive ratios from 1.6:1 up to 2.0:1. Props used vary from 72 inch x 40 inch pitch up to 84 inch x 56 inch pitch. It greatly improves the take off and climb performance of any high drag VW powered aircraft that needs more thrust.

On a 2180cc engine with a 1.6:1 drive and a 72 inch prop, you will see about 350 lbs. of thrust. On a 2.0:1 drive and an 84 inch prop will pull about 450 lbs. of thrust. You get the idea! (A direct drive VW with a 62 inch prop will pull about 215 lbs. of thrust.)

The Series 3 Redrive System has the following features:
Uses two belts
Bolt on - no welding or machining required
2 inch standard prop extension
Standard 75mm Rotax bolt pattern
Steel crankshaft sprocket with timing marks at 0 and 30 degrees
New idler arm with Easy Belt Tensioning System
Crankshaft oil seal
Includes all necessary installation hardware
Raises prop 5.5 inches from the center of the crankshaft
Installation instructions included
Weighs 17.8 lbs.

*Note: Does not include cost of VW Engine.

Reduction Drive Picture
Engine Size: Type 1 - 4 Cylinder, 1600-2276cc
Compression Ratio: 7.0 to 1 to 7.5 to 1
Flywheel Weight: 13 lbs.
Crankshaft Bolt: Stock VW - 20mm x 1.5 X 50mm
Engine Speed: 3600 to 4200 RPM @ Take Off
Prop Used:
1.6:1 - Best is 2 blade, 72 inch
2.0:1 - Best is 2 blade, 84 inch

The Series 3 is driven off the pulley end of the cranshaft. All the standard accessories bolt right on the motor. Add a Diehl Accessory Case, magneto, starter, or secondary ignition. Great package for a Zenith 701, Kitfox, Avid Flyer, Nieuport 11/17, etc...

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Type 1 Reduction Drive System
Series 3
PRICE . . . $1595.00

Type 1 Reduction Drive System
Series 3
PRICE . . . $1795.00

NOTE: You will also need a Type 1 Long Block Engine Kit

Reduction Drive Engine Kit Information

Accessory Packages, Intake and Carb for the Reduction Drive System!

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