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Secondary Electronic Ignition System for your VW Engine!

Secondary Electronic Ignition System
Secondary Electronic Ignition
This Great Plains Low Height Fixed Timing Secondary Ignition System is the most popular Secondary Ignition marketed today.

This ignition system fits in the stock VW distributor hole and will require the use of a pinion gear. Total height off the engine case is about 1.250". This unit has fixed advance as set upon installation. This unit will fire spark plug gaps up to .040". By comparison, a magnetos spark plug gap is .016" to .019".

The engine is started on the magneto and then the secondary is turned on. Do not attempt to start your engine with this secondary on, as it can severely damage your engine.
Secondary Electronic Ignition
#0352 Price . . . $469.95 Complete kit

Includes: housing block, electronic components, mini coils, spark plugs, spark plug wires, pinion gear and instructions.

Installation Instructions

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Electronic Components #0354
Price . . . $168.00
3 OHM Coils #0356
Price . . . $168.95
Spark Plug Wires #0357
Price . . . $29.95
Pinion Set #0353
Price . . . $48.50
Installation Instructions
10mm Spark Plug #0355
Price . . . $4.75 ea

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