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Ignition System - 4220 Mag for your VW Engine!

Slick 4220 Magneto
Slick 4220 Magneto
This is a NEW Industrial Slick 4220 Magneto. It works like the 4316 - only differences are the color and the timing!

We have completed the required machine work to the O.D. of the centering boss to fit the Diehl Case.

We also carry the correct mag drive puck in stock.
Includes mag and machine work.

Mag does not not include Gasket, Puck or Harness (as shown in picture).
Installation Instructions
Timing Disc Instructions
Slick 4220 Magneto #0330
Price . . . $575.00

S4220 Mag Harness #0331 . . . $250.22 each
This harness fits the 4220 mag and has the longer leads. Fits either our shielded plug adapters or an aircraft style spark plug.

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