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Single Mag Adapter Kit for your VW Engine!

Great Plains Single Mag Adapter Kit
Single Mag Housing Picture
This kit installs on the back of the engine around the rear seal area.

The kit contains the magneto housing, flywheel end piece, male mag drive piece, female mag drive puck and miscellaneous hardware.

The flywheel end piece is made from steel and has three different positions available for the mag drive piece to attach to. It is drilled for 1 crankshaft dowel pins and can be drilled for 4 or 8 if needed. The mag housing is drilled with 4 each #21 holes that are used as drill guides to drill the holes in the engine case. The engine case is then tapped with a 10/32 tap.

Total distance back from the back of the engine case, to the back of the mag harness cap is approximately 8.5".

Used in aircraft with no electrical system; engine is started by propping. Fisher Youngster and Avenger are good examples of use for this product. The housing is 5 /18 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches long.
Installation Instructions
Magneto Housing Adapter Kit #0337
Drill end piece for 8 dowel crank (if needed)
Replacement mag drive puck #0319

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