"Sonerai Parts and Component Suppliers"

The Sonerai IS NOT a Kit aircraft. You can purchase the parts as you require them. In addition to the airframe and engine parts, you will need to order the 4130 steel, aluminum, and hardware from other suppliers. The cost for the material for the fuselage and empenage (tail) is approximately $1600.00.

Every set of Sonerai plans comes complete with a listing of raw materials needed to construct one Sonerai aircraft. You will quite possibly find that you will need additional hardware to finish your aircraft.

When ordering the wing skin material from a supplier, be sure to specify the length of the skins. A standard sheet is only 96" long and the wing skins are 100" in length.

"Tubing, Hardware and Aluminum"

The following companies are major suppliers of tubing, hardware and aluminum. We suggest you write or call them for their catalogs.

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (General Parts) Wicks Aircraft Supply Co. (General Parts)
225 Airport Circle 410 Pine Street
Corona, CA 91720 Highland, IL 62249
1-800-824-1930 1-800-221-9425
Web Site: aircraft-spruce.com Web Site: wicks.com/aircraft

Airparts Inc. (Wing Skins)
2400 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, KS 66106
Web Site: airpartsinc.com

Don't forget your local Yellow Pages
when looking for suppliers of materials!

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