"The Sonerai Sport Aircraft"

The Sonerai series of homebuilt aircraft were originally developed by designer John Monnett. The Sonerai's have been on the market since the early 70's. The Sonerai I was first, followed by the very popular Sonerai II shortly after. The Sonerai II and various versions of it are among the most popular homebuilt aircraft ever. After 30+ years, the Sonerai still offers the homebuilder a value that is difficult to match.

For the homebuilder, the Sonerai series of homebuilt aircraft represent an excellent return on money invested. Fuselage construction is 4130 steel tubing with fabric covering and the wings are made out of 2024-T3 aluminum. You will need simple metal working tools and access to a gas welder to complete the aircraft. One of the most attractive features of the Sonerai is that the wings can easily be folded back. This important feature will allow you to keep the aircraft at home and tow it to the airport on its own wheels. With hanger rent varying from $50 to $200 per month, this is indeed an important feature that all the Sonerai's share.

The Sonerai I enjoys an excellent reputation for strength, speed, and agility, especially in the Formula VEE racing circuit. The Sonerai I can handle + or - 6 G's with the "S" wing. It can accommodate a 6 foot, 200 pound pilot. The Sonerai I will do 170 m.p.h. flat out, full throttle on a Great Plains 2180cc engine.

The Sonerai II (Original) is perhaps the most versatile VW powered homebuilt ever conceived. It is a 2 place (tandem) aircraft that is available as a mid-wing taildragger, a low-wing taildragger, and a low-wing tri-gear.

The Sonerai II Stretch, which is 18" longer, is a 2 place (tandem) aircraft that is available as a low- wing taildragger and a low-wing tri-gear. The passenger has an additional 6" of leg room and added pilot head room to accommodate the 6 foot + pilots. The Stretch Sonerai's require a 2180cc or larger VW Aero Engine conversion only.

Both the Sonerai II and II-Stretch can carry a pilot and passenger, plus 10 gallons of fuel.
Cruise speed of the Sonerai II with a Great Plains 2180cc engine is 140+ m.p.h. at full gross.
The Sonerai II is rated at ±4.4 G's at full gross or ±6 G's solo (750 lbs max).
The range of the Sonerai II and Sonerai II-S is 245 miles (with a reserve of 45 minutes) without the auxiliary tank.

The Sonerai airframe can be built for about $6,000.
Miscellaneous hardware, canopy, paint, engine, instruments and fabric is also required.
Average cost to build is $16,000 to $22,000 depending upon engine and instruments used.
Construction time is 800 to 1,000 hours.

SoneraiWorks is the only supplier of Sonerai I, Sonerai II (Original) and Sonerai II-Stretch plans and many pre-fabricated parts.

From the spinner to the tailwheel, the parts required to build the Sonerai are available. The canopy, cowlings, engines, gas tanks, landing gear, tires, tubes, axles, wing tips, spars, ailerons, wheel pants, rib kits, brakes, tailwheel springs, rivets and more!

Suppliers for the parts not available from SoneraiWorks are noted later in this Info Pack.

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