"Sonerai Plans"

Only $124.95
Plus Postage.
Plans now include the
Wing Construction Manual
by Fred Keip!

(Plans Page Reduced - example only! Actual size is 8 1/2" x 14".)

Sonerai Plans Example

There are three separate sets of Sonerai plans available:

Sonerai I: Mid-wing Taildragger
(single place)

Sonerai II Original: Original Mid-wing
Low-wing Taildragger
Low-wing Tri-gear (two place)

Sonerai II-Stretch: Low-wing Taildragger Stretch
Low-wing Tri-gear Stretch (two place)

Over 3,000 sets of plans have been sold, with many 100's of Sonerai flown. These serialized plans to build one aircraft consist of an 8-1/2" X 14" Plans Set, Materials List, Builders Manual, and a Flight Manual (which is to be carried in the aircraft).

All plans are $124.95
plus freight.

Great Plains Aircraft is "Doing It Right!"

Affordable, rugged aircraft powered by affordable, reliable engines!

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