"Sonerai Video"

Available from SoneraiWorks!

Ed Sterba's Sonerai-II Mid-Wing Ed Sterba's Sonerai-II Mid-Wing

You will see:
..Ed Sterba's Sonerai II Mid-wing doing take offs and landings.
..Original footage of the Sonerai I, Sonerai II and many others.
..How easily the Sonerai's wings fold for home storage and care.
..The Sonerai's engine installation and ease of cowling removal.
..The various components of the Sonerai's that are in kit form.
..The ease of starting, flying and operating a VW based engine.

The Sonerai Video
is brought to you by E & S Production.
Available on VHS, DVD and PAL VHS or PAL DVD. Tape length is 15 minutes.

Available from SoneraiWorks

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